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Healing Services

(1) Akashic Record Reading


You may ask why am I here or what is my Soul’s purpose? We can get lost in our 3D world, weighed down by mundane things. Akashic Record reading is about helping you to understand the grand scheme of things such as why you’re experiencing physical or emotional pain, how it is connected to your mental beliefs, what your Higher Consciousness is really trying to tell you, how to find your special jigsaw puzzle in life, review your past lives, your gifts or challenges, understand your various relationships, where did you originally come from in the cosmos, what are some of your attributes that came from that, how it is affecting your physical life here or what star system relates to your life now.


Understanding from the master plan may enable you to start looking at your life from the outside in, instead of inside out. The guidance is done by tapping into your personal Akashic field, like a giant library containing your details from every life times, which is readily available to you so that it may assist you in this life time. Akashic record reading teaches you about who you really are, to allow you to understand circumstances in order to make informed choices in your life.


Most, if not all issues you face are repeated lessons which you have not completely finished in your past live so you relive this over until you get it resolved. Often they are with the same type of people you had previous lifetimes before.


Knowing this will help you to resolve issues, clear it from your records so you no longer need to repeat that issue again. Yes, it can be CLEARED with the new consciousness shift! This is what the Akashic Record can do, that is, find the life times involved, then you have the option to clear it if you want to. Some people are happy just finding out or knowing answers and doesn't want clearing, but the choice is yours. Then you sit back and watch the people around you change or circumstances changes!



The Akashic records operate at the soul level and all information retrieved is for the purpose of your soul evolution as well as expanding your consciousness to assist your Ascension into All That Is.


Most feed backs from clients are that it has brought much clarity to their situations or an understanding of their relationship issues, plus many more profound revelations. Discover what your akashic records reveal to you!


There are 2 options to choose from:


  • Option 1: Designed to find answers to questions and/or issues you are facing presently. For example concerns with health, relationships, career, soul path etc.
    ($135 1hr)


  • Option 2: Designed to find answers to a SPECIFIC issue then CLEAR any blockages or karmic energies, soul part retrieval maybe required, clearing past live issues brought forth, then be guided by Divine wisdom how to step forward on your soul journey by opening a future portal of the future you.
    ($160 1hr)


All sessions are done via Zoom or Skype. Please use our Contact page to enquire.



(2) Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing


The Aqualorian are 9D (density) Beings of Light who are an ancient builder race here a long time ago before our galaxy ever existed. They are here to help seed a new consciousness to those who wish to do so. They are pure Beings of Light returned back to their state before incarnation and choosing to be semi physical form to help us achieve this status now. They are of very high vibrations like an arch-angle frequency and are very benevolent.


Their healing from 9D realigns you back to your original Source blueprint of incarnation in this life time. Your cells can automatically recoup themselves therefore able to regenerate preventing ageing and all problems related to it or organ repair. It is pure white light of a very high vibration. By receiving this healing regularly, you return to your original blue print before inception; or in other words resetting your cell maturation to regenerate. It works very fast at helping rebuilding the body to their original state, thereby changing your DNA back to it's original blueprint.


This is a new tool of very advanced energy healing to return you back to your original blueprint or original Being before the interference of our 3D existence or living.

This healing is intense high frequency so therefore if you are sensitive you may feel the energies move or simply go into a light dose as it is delivered. Depending on your issue, it may require several sessions done close together in order to feel better.


This service is done via Skype or Zoom or as remote healing where you are most comfortable in your own surroundings. It is very exciting times and honoured to be able to bring this type of healing in to those who need it.




"I immediately felt energy moving from my head down to my gut then a light dose which I thought was only 5 mins but it was 25 minutes! I felt spacey afterwards for an hour so I grounded myself, had a drink and food to stabilise myself. After that I felt great or alive! Thank you so much."


A session is about 45 mins $100

or 3 sessions $270


For booking please use Contact page from this website or Call.


(3) Intuitive Medical Healing


This Divine healing session is the use of the akashic records in re-aligning you, clearing out unserving energies that is creating pain/sufferings/blockages from your entire Light Body including your physical. Your Merkabah or energy field is reactivated to help with this alignment as it dissipates old energies.


Sometimes messages are channelled through for you that is important at the time as your body is scanned to check for any energy blockages to prevent disorders in future or that is already happening presently.


Sometimes, a re-alignment is required for your Soul Journey so that you may see yourself for who you truly are, fulfilling your own Spiritual path. It is common to give a special healing to "shift" any denseness from the client. In this case, a full trust and acceptance of the higher Beings of Light, Masters, Teachers, Angels or Arch-angle to do what is optimal at the time. This is a deeper level of healing.


It is common to feel a sense of peacefulness, wholeness, lightness and be ready to continue the next stage in your soul journey. It is truly an amazing experience to catapult you forward in your soul journey!


A session is about an hour, $95

Available on Zoom, Skype or as Remotely


For booking please use Contact page from this website or Call.


(4) Spiritual Life Coach


This is a look at where you are presently in your life. This includes looking deeper at reoccurring physical ailments, emotional challenges or issues; all of which may be creating blockages in your life preventing you from moving forward in your Soul Journey and finding your own true self to create a joyful life.


It gives you a better understanding of their physical body why it is in pain, what it is trying to tell you it needs. It is always related to entrapped emotions not completed or released creating havoc in the body. When this trapped emotion exist for very long periods of time it creates blockages or pain for you to deal with. Once an understanding is achieved, healing begins.


This could be in the form of changing foods/drinks, certain relaxation techniques, healing methods for deeper issues, an akashic record reading, spiritual healing or other recommendations that are appropriate for that client. Often ‘aha’ moments come to the client when the realization that everything is connected, that is from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the self.


Once a correlation is made between what the body is trying to tell you, you become more intuitive, listening with your heart rather than living in your head. This creates a much stronger communication between your Soul or Higher Self to your body/mind creating a joyful life.


A session is about an hour, $95

Available on Zoom or Skype


For booking please use Contact page from this website or Call

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