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Ask and you shall receive

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18 May 2024


Ask & you shall receive....... or do you?


It's so easy to ask what you desire from the universe! As the saying goes, “ask and you shall receive” the universe hears you loud and clear!


Our human mind believes that it's not possible to ask our hearts desire or that when we ask, we don't receive it, or the universe did not hear or that it's not true. We are taught with many various methods, how to ask the universe to deliver your desires. So most of us have tried it, did not receive, then gave up trying. Try as we might, sometimes it appears that our wishes have fallen on deaf ears, leaving us unfulfilled, disappointed and reinstating our false belief that it's not possible.


Asking is easy to do, there is very little effort, knowledge or techniques required to do so. Only your intention of what you want is needed, then just think or speak out loud your desires.


We need to understand that every desire is fulfilled and delivered immediately. The question is why do we not receive it. Trust and know that there is absolute ABUNDANT of everything we desire, to satisfy every human being on the planet. There is no LACK of any kind. There is no discrimination of any kind; in a nutshell, ALL DESERVES ABUNDANT.


Now to understand why you're not receiving.


The only reason why, is that somewhere in your deep subconscious mind you belief you do not deserve it, or you're not good enough to receive it, or it only happens in fantasy world. These are what we call “emotional baggage” that hang off you. Like real baggage, they are heavy and weigh you down, slowing you down when you move, just like excess luggage that you no longer need. Everyone “carries” these around with them without knowing. These are what we need to “get rid of” before we become “lighter” so we can receive more, new things, miracles or abundance galore!


How do we do that is the question!


It's so easy to ask, but not so easy to receive. It's part of the the Law of Attraction or Law of Manifestations. Effortlessly ask all your hearts content, then work very hard at letting go of your old baggage so you have “free hands” to receive more! It's simple, but requires understanding, effort and a willingness to look deeply at yourself; your old beliefs; your attitude; your lifestyle; your readiness to do some serious digging into your core to remove the old stuff.


After all, there's no point in getting new furniture for your home unless you're willing to get rid of the old stuff that's outdated, unusable, broken, or no longer serves its purpose. It's the same principles when you ask the Universe to deliver your hearts desire, it is delivered but you are not able to receive it because you have too much of the old stuff left hanging around.


So if you want to receive more good stuff in your life, get in touch with an Energy or Light worker or healer to help you get rid of those old baggage fast so you can enjoy your new presents.




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