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How to resolve 3D relationship problems in 5D

How to resolve 3D relationship problems in 5D
15 April 2024


We have all experienced issues in our 3D reality which keeps repeatedly coming up for us to deal with. These include relationships with family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours.


Here is advice from Master Saint Germain's channelled messenger to help us deal with these issues quickly, effectively and without causing ill health on the recipients. It is to be shared with anyone wanting to resolve issues quickly. It is a form of remote viewing, creating visualisation and positive suggestive thoughts.


First, understand we create thoughts daily, by the thousands, each has a potential to manifest into reality or most just float around the ether waiting to attach to something or be returned to Source. Imagine how many thoughts are floating around us at all times, some from us, most not from ourselves but could have an affect on us if it is directed at us. When thoughts are directed at us, it has the potential to be absorbed into our consciousness whether it be positive or negative or harmful thoughts.


If you have relationship issues with work colleagues, you can send remote viewing positive thoughts to that person involved, so that in time, it will be absorbed into the consciousness of that person.


Here is what to do...


Sit quietly, set your intentions, what is the issue and who is it involving. For example, you may be experiencing unpleasantness with a work colleague called “Jane.” Jane has been putting you down, accusing you of not doing your job, bullying tactics and more. You find it very distressing each day you face her.


Now visualise Jane in the office, make it as detailed as possible, your office set up, her face, surroundings. Then you say to yourself as you intentionally send these thoughts into the atmosphere of your office space surrounding where you and Jane works.


These could be positive thoughts using your own name with each statement, “I am a hard worker, I am good at my job, I am very productive and know my work well, I am a happy joyful person, I am a helpful kind I am a compassionate person, I am a wonderful friend and colleague, I am considerate, I am a joy to have as a friend etc"


You are sending positive thoughts of how great a person you are, filling up the space in the office. Your vibrations of how amazing you are will be saturated in that space. It is like when Jesus walks into a room, every person will sense or feel his greatness, his presence, his benevolence. You are doing the same thing.


By filling up this space with your greatness, it will eventually filter through to those who pass through this space, especially “Jane”. People will absorb these positive thoughts or vibrations when they are relaxed or in an automatic mode such as when they're day dreaming or relaxed in their office space.


Then sit back and observe the circumstances as you continually send these types of positive thoughts into the office space!


When you have completed your sending, remember to intentionally disconnect yourself from anyone's energies there, then return to your conscious self again. Do this as often as possible until you see changes, then continually do as you need.


This method of resolving issues in 3D from 5D applies to any situations involving anyone, even your family member. All you need is to visualise that person wherever they may be, then do the same thing, send positive thoughts about yourself into their surroundings regularly to make positive loving changes in your relationship! Remember to disconnect your energies from them and the surroundings. Watch, observe, make changes in your life!


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