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03 May 2024

What is the secret language of your Soul.........


Your Divine Spirit/Soul is always trying to communicate to you 24/7. Are you able to hear what the message is? It's always for your highest good and guidance, so listen as often you can. 


The language, unfortunately does not come in the form of words, letters, emails or text messages! The language is commonly known and used by most of us at some time. When we do “hear” it, it's always a positive result and effortless. The most common form of communication from your Divine Spirit is sometimes called your “gut instincts” or your “intuition or feeling”. Sometimes we follow it, sometimes we ignore it, simply because the ego gets in the way and creates “self doubts”, so we miss it. But when we do miss this inner guidance we tend to regret it at a later time, saying we should have “listened” to the gut instinct or intuition. 


The other form of communication from your Divine Spirit/Soul is in your visualisation or imagination. The more we allow our mind to visualise or imagine the more we are able to talk to our Spirit/Soul. We regular practice, the channel of communication opens naturally and easily between your consciousness and your Spirit/Soul.


If you want to “see” the outcome of a situation, create your desires or simply play with your imagination, you will be able to manifest anything you wish. Part of the the law of abundance is the ability to “see” clearly in details what you want, then “pretty” it up with as much details as you like, then try to “feel” what it is like to have that here and now. Then sit back and allow your “visualisation” to manifest or unfold before you. It won't magically appear with a fairy god-mother waving a magic wand. What happens is the Universe receives “your order” and commences to deliver that to you. You will be guided or prompted to start creating your desire as the universe knows what steps are needed. Your trust in Universe to deliver is most important, then patience and be open to the guidance or prompting. 


If you have a situation about to happen and you feel nervous, scared or worried about it, try this method. Sit quietly and relax with your intention to go through this situation in you mind first. Close your eyes, then visualise from the beginning to the end of this situation. Make sure you fill in every details you can, including who will be present, the surroundings, what type of conversations will be shared, how do you want these attendants to act, feel or behave, then feel or see the outcome of this situation the way you want it to end, as happy relaxed experience!


The idea is to role play any situation first in your mind so that it will feel familiar to you when it actually happens. Remember the mind does not know what is real or what is imagination, that's the beauty of it! When you visualise or imagine anything, you are actualising what you want in the ether first, then it becomes a tangible reality. It's that easy, simple and no complications!


So try this method to get over any nervous or worrying situations and see how it works out for you. You'll be pleasantly surprised!


Until next time


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