Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation


Guided meditations are now available to help you be discipline or delve deeper in specific issues that needs to be addressed. Below are some with description and cost. There are more to come in future.

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“Wowzers that was the most amazingly beautiful experience. I have really been struggling as many are, seeking clarity and making sense of the big changes.” L.N. 2023

“I wanted to thank you for sharing all this beautiful information and new energy frequencies. You have been an absolute blessing in my life.” K.C. 2023


Relaxation & Chakra Enhancement (25mins mp3 $55) A relaxing meditation to relax, de-stress while re-aligning your Chakras.


Inner Child Healing (30mins mp3 $55)

An important aspect of our self healing, the hurt, injured, timid or fearful inner child shuts down as circumstances happen. This trauma is locked deep within you, crippling your ability to function fully with joy and happiness. This meditation helps to bring forth this traumatised inner child, gain his/her confidence again, allowing you to be fully functioning, similar bringing back a 'missing' piece of you. Powerful!


Quantum Healing (30mins mp3. $55).

Going deep into the quantum level to heal your body, bringing it back to your original blue-print of perfection. Repeated use of this meditation assists you to heal your complete body/mind/spirit. Powerful!


At this healing centre we have group meditation on the last Sunday of each month. These meditations are recorded for those who wish to attend but unable or those who want to redo them at will. Some of these are profound with amazing results and well worth repeating. Each of these end of month recordings include the meditation itself followed by open discussion of any esoteric/spiritual topic that may be asked at the time. Each one is different with different discussion at the end.


June Meditation 2023 (40mins mp3 Akashic Records clearing $30).

This meditation helps you to clear from your Akashic Record whatever issue you may be challenged with presently. It also allows you to receive messages while you are in the Akash. It can be repeated with a different issue each time you do it. Another profound meditation!


August Meditation 2023 (53mins mp3 Self Intuitive Healer $30).

This meditation helps you to become your own medical intuitive healer to any part of your body. Learn to tune into your body's language telling what your Soul is teaching you with the pain/suffering you may be facing.


September Meditation 2023 (105mins mp3 Travel to 5D create new reality).

This meditation is very powerful, allowing you to shift into 5D to meet your future self who has already achieved your desire or healed. You can only create a new reality if you can see it then bring it forth. Powerful and worth repeating it regularly with various goals you desire.