Guided Meditation One-on-One

Allow your true Spirit self to emerge from within and spread its wings; just like the beauty of the butterfly....


This one-on-one guided meditation is to help those who wish to start learning either basic meditation or to achieve an advanced deeper level of healing of your body, mind and spirit.  It is also for those who are shy about attending a class with others or for those who need specific guidance to go deeper to achieve a desired outcome. It does not matter what level the client is at. More importantly is the desire to achieve or just to experience profound meditation with some guidance.


Initially, a discussion is done prior to establish what is needed for the client. Then a suitable meditation is chosen to create specific healing,for example there may be certain health challenges that need deeper healing, reprogramming of old beliefs, self love/nurture, or deep wounded inner child work. Or simply if the client just wants to learn to visualize, relax, de-stress or just experience their own inner stillness.


This guided meditation one-on-one is done on Skype or Zoom, with a recording.

Cost:  $95 ( up to 1 hour)

Various prerecorded meditations are now available for purchase via a link. Please see Products - Guided Meditation.




H. C. Toowoomba 2018

You have given me confidence now to move on - yesterday was the " brick wall " for me. I had been struggling with what was happening in my meditations. I find my Meditations at your beautiful Centre keep me on that same journey of love.

S. S. Burpengary, Qld 2012

“it has taken me many years of preliminary work such as meditation, massage & reiki just to be ready for the intense releasing process that is esoteric acupuncture! Thank you Daphne as I feel great."