Intuitive/Medical Spiritual Healing

This Divine healing session is the use of the akashic records in re-aligning you to  your highest good. Firstly Esoteric acupuncture by remote is created to instigate healing, just the same as you would be having direct esoteric acupuncture in the clinic.


Your Higher Consciousness will allow you to connect to Gaia and Source from your heart centre into all your major energy centres including the four higher ones above the crown chakra. All these centres will be cleared of unwanted energies that don't serve you; creating pain, suffering or blockages in your body and your life.


Then your Merkabah or energy field will be reactivated to help dissipate any unwanted energies within your field; while at the same time draw in Light from the higher dimensions to heal, uplift or energise you.

Followed by a scan of your body and receive any messages of where you need to work on in order to heal on all levels.


Lastly, if required I will transmit Light Language (LL) to assist healing. LL is direct pure Love/Light from Source, bypassing the human mind, undiluted! Your higher consciousness will know exactly what is needed and where it is needed at the time of the session. LL is usually transmitted in the form of toning, singing, words or hand gesture.


Sometimes, a re-alignment is required for your Soul Journey so that you may see yourself for who you truly are, fulfilling your own Spiritual path. It is common to also be indicated at the time to give a special healing to "shift" any denseness from the client or it may be a bigger shifting of dense energies that is no longer needed for the client. In this case, a full trust and acceptance of the higher Beings of Light, Masters or Teachers to do as they see is needed. This is a deeper level of healing.

 Assistance are from various Ascended Masters especially Metatron, Saint Germain, Master Jesus or Master Buddha, other Angelic Beings to be present to support the healing session as well as the person's own guides.


 The dense lower energies are shifted while the body/mind/spirit is re-aligned to your Soul Path so that you feel a sense of peacefulness, wholeness, lightness, and ready to continue your true Soul journey, free of pain and suffering.

This is truly an amazing experience to catapult you forward in your soul journey!



The Intuitive/Medical Spiritual session may take about an hour, cost $95

This Spiritual Healing is also available as Remote Healing which means you can lie comfortably in your own home; remote healing work is done from the clinic to you. We start with a phone consult then followed by remote healing, afterwards, completing with phone consult to check how things went or if any messages are given to you.

 Another options is via skype or Zoom where visual contact is made although not necessary. It is a personal choice


For more information please use Contact page of this website for details.




M. N. Toowoomba 2012

Fantastic workshop. Have enjoyed this the most out of all the workshops. All very relevant for me at present. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & wisdom, much appreciated.– M. N.

S. S. Burpengary, Qld 2012

“it has taken me many years of preliminary work such as meditation, massage & reiki just to be ready for the intense releasing process that is esoteric acupuncture! Thank you Daphne as I feel great."