Meditation Classes

Advanced Group Meditation Class

Advanced group meditations are held on the last Sunday of each month. These are designed to work deeper with your Higher Consciousness to help activate your own Kundalini energy, building your protective shields, learning to transform and transmute negative energies into Light, learning about the current Light Codes, change and activate your DNA as well as other esoteric exercises to bring out your full potential.

It is followed by an open forum discussion on any esoteric, spiritual or metaphysical topics to help us understand who we really are. Topics are dependent on those who are present at the time and the questions asked. It can range from the new age crystalline children, natural disasters, karma, angels, death, Light Codes etc. Knowledge or information comes from our High Consciousness or the Universal Akashic Records to help us to understand our own puzzle piece in life and ultimately help us and the planet to Ascension.

Cost - $30 from 9 - 10.30am


Group Meditation

For special occasions, group meditations are offered to encourage like-minded people to share positive energies or to help uplift our collective consciousness as a whole.

An auspicious day such as 21st December, 2012, saw the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. There was much publicity all around the globe ranging from natural disasters, apocalypse to the world ending overnight.

Here locally in Toowoomba, guided by my unseen friends, a celebration to welcome this event was held with a special Phoenix Meditation Group.  An enthusiastic group of people shared this wonderful, powerful evening. It was all about becoming the Phoenix, a legendary bird that lives between 500 – 1,000 years. The Phoenix is known to create its nest, set it on fire and then allows it to burn, including itself, down to ashes. Then a new egg is left behind to begin again with a brand new Phoenix, rising to live yet again. This is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, transformation and eternity as it rises again and again with a new body with each different cycle. This is a new age of re-birthing. It is shedding of the old beliefs, thoughts or ideas that no longer serve us in the new Light years ahead. It is important to keep shedding away old beliefs in order to discover more of our true self and to realise our full potential as a spiritual being in a physical body. 

Another wonderful group meditation was the Holotope meditation. This is done with eyes opened looking at the Holotope while being guided through. The intention is to accelerate the process of altered consciousness as in meditation, promote brainwave entrainment (by reaching alpha state of relaxation quickly) and create new neuropathways (within our brain). The Holotope takes you on a multidimensional journey with your Higher Consciousness. It uses sound, colour, strobing (fast flashing) light, sacred geometry to open and expand your consciousness. The light activates a moving mandela by unfolding like a lotus in and within you. It creates a shadow of eight dimensional object from a two dimensional surface. There are many benefits of doing a Holotope meditation such as enhancing your meditational skills, improves brainwave entrainment, calming, de-stressing, opens the heart chakra and to receive from the infinite universe to expand your perception.

Other group meditations include a special Australia Day get together to send Love, Light and Healing to our home town, our country, the earth and the cosmos. Or recently a wonderful group created a Pillar of Light to be sent to their own homes, our home town and country to us to heal.

These are only some of the special occasions for group meditations. From time to time there will be more as the demand or need is called upon. Group sessions, with the right intention always help to amplify the collective consciousness overall Ascension.

Cost - free


Monday Night Meditation Class

Monday night meditation classes are held in the evening for one hour. These classes are designed for us to go back to the basics of meditation.

There are no pre-requisites, nor experiences necessary. We start the evening with a short talk about one of the seven major chakras. Then we discuss in more details about that particular chakra and how it affects your body, mind and spirit; and how it relates to your glands, organs and body plus the underlying issues it may involve. This enables us to understand how to relate our physical body to the energy systems called Chakras. This style of meditation active and guided as you learn to visualise and relax. It will also help to develop your own psychic abilities naturally.

There is no locked in contract for how many classes you wish to attend. It’s on a pay as you go basis, which allows each person to develop and grow as one feels comfortable. Bookings are preferred for all meditations.

NB: Monday night meditation class is currently not available



Jeanette, Norfolk 2011

Following the esoteric acupuncture treatment, I felt very relaxed and just wanted to lie down and rest. The following days were remarkable. My mouth ulcer (which was an open wound for two weeks and giving me great discomfort) disappeared within 24-48 hours. I began to feel ‘CLEAR’ in my mind and body. My energy increased and I was keen to do anything! I did some physical work at our house, then I received 5 requests for readings this week! I was able to concentrate on my astrology very well, and the readings were more intense. Whilst lying face down during your treatment, I saw my mother. She looked straight at me and her green eyes were wide and very clear, almost exaggerated. I understood that it meant I would be feeling / seeing things more CLEARLY in the days ahead. I also believe she was instrumental in bringing you to me. Daphne, I don’t know what you did, but I can’t thank you enough. I have been raving about you to everyone I meet. I am eternally grateful for your expertise in esoteric acupuncture...”

Glenis, Toowoomba 2017

Excellent Daphne so please I came thank you for educating us.