Spiritual & Life Coach One-on-One

Spiritual and Life Coaching is very nurturing for the Soul.....


This is a one-on-one mentoring of where you are presently. This includes looking deeper at reoccurring  physical ailments, emotional challenges or issues; all of which may be creating blockages in your life preventing you from moving forward in your Soul Journey and finding your own true self to create a joyful life.


This coaching enables the client to have a better understanding of their physical body including any of the glands, organs or tissues involved. Then a cross check with an overlay of the energy systems of the body (chakras), plus any of the corresponding emotions experienced.  Once the whole picture is formed, the client will have a better understanding of why things happen, both good and not so good. When an understanding is reached, there will be suggestions of how to take actions to change or improve situations.  This could be in the form of changing foods/drinks, certain relaxation techniques, healing methods for deeper issues, an akashic record reading, spiritual healing or other recommendations that are appropriate for that client. Often ‘aha’ moments come to the client when the realization that everything is connected, that is from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the self.


Once a correlation is made between what the body is trying to tell you, you become more intuitive, listening with your heart rather than living in your head. This creates a much stronger communication between your Soul or Higher Self to your mind and body.


This is truly the ultimate way of learning about yourself, knowing your true path, working hand in hand with your Spirit/Higher Self to create the Soul Journey that you are designed to do; and to do it with joy, happiness and ease.


An example of a scenario:

A client suffers from chronic lower back pain either from past injuries or from an unknown cause is searching for answers. This could possibly be your body trying to tell you there are issues in regards to your second sacral chakra that are misaligned and that it needs to be addressed in order for the lower back to settle or heal. It’s also a possibility of monetary worries or relationship issues with yourself or with others. There could be suggestions as how to heal the back by looking deeper into these issues while addressing the physical lower back as well. There would be many ways to work through these issues. Once this is acknowledged, the path opens up for the client and healing begins. This is the ultimate healing from all levels.


This Spiritual and Life Coach is available on Skype

Cost: $95 (1 hour)


S. S. Burpengary, Qld 2012

“it has taken me many years of preliminary work such as meditation, massage & reiki just to be ready for the intense releasing process that is esoteric acupuncture! Thank you Daphne as I feel great."

N.G. Toowoomba 2017

Many thanks, you have cleared up the “research” I have been doing, taken away the confusion of Feng Shui.