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Why am I experiencing so many ailments

02 July 2024



Why am I experiencing so many ailments lately?


Have you heard of the term Ascension illness? This simply means our bodies are changing due to many circumstances. This includes our life style, emotional and physical stresses especially over the last few years globally. We are constantly changing and shifting to cater to this adaptation of reaching higher frequencies that the earth is facing, hence our body needs to adjust. During this adjustment period, we will experience some of these symptoms.


Rest assure our body is a fantastic barometer telling us what is happening. But it's up to us to understand this language without going into shock, despair or fear! Know that your body will heal in time. It's recommended to be kind, gentle and mostly patient with yourself. Seek help in any way you can. Acknowledge and accept these changes by embracing it, work through it, then allow the healing process to take place.


Below are some of the common complaints. Stay calm as you are not imagining it at all, as allow these releases and adjustment to take place. Take care and self nurture is the answer.


  1. Release of Blocked Energy - High-frequency energy coming in are pushing out old energies causing physical discomfort. It can manifest in pain, ache, itch or discomfort anywhere for no apparent reason. It's uncomfortable or intolerable but take care to self nurture as this process continues is essential for your change. E metamorphosis of a butterfly.


  1. Back Pain and Energy Flow - Your spine, a channel for higher energies, causing discomfort as it adjusts. Your spine receives like a conduit of energies all the way down to the coccyx as you begin to absorb or download these light for interactions. Pain is intense due to the higher vibrations & your body isn't used to it & has to adjust. Can be more noticeable during high energy times eg full moon, meditation practices.


  1. Detoxification Symptoms - Rashes, diarrhoea, and other signs of your body pushing out toxins. It has to purge in order to cater to the higher frequencies as it's eliminated via the skin or elsewhere.


  1. Emotional Upheavals - Waves of deep emotional release and cleansing, anxiety, depression, crying. The higher frequencies pushes out old emotions up & out to be released & heal to cater for the new frequencies.


  1. Behavioural Shifts - Finding new habits and people, distancing from old routines or relationship that doesn't resonate, drifting away on different wavelengths to realignment of your new vibrations to those who are like yours.


  1. Increased connection to your Higher Consciousness - Unexpected tears as you connect with your higher self energy more often. You react more & moved deeply by simple things eg sunset, child's laughter


  1. Profound Fatigue - Deep exhaustion as your body aligns with higher frequencies. Indicating your body is using a huge amount of energies to adjust to the higher frequencies hence more time is needed to rest. It's time to heal & integrate


  1. Night Sweats and Hot Flashes – sudden waves of heat during sleep. It's the presence of your Higher Self; warmth against your body, extreme light is warming to the physical body as you adjust to your Higher Self's intense light.


  1. Vivid and Intense Dreams - Processing past energies through unsettling dreams. Can be jolted awake with vivid dreams, these accumulated from the past life ready to be released, it can carry on after you wake up, or overwhelming.


  1. Dizziness and Balance Issues - Signs of your Merkaba forming and aligning to the new energies. You may have bouts of it mild to severe. It can be spinning sensations.


  1. Memory and Cognitive Issues - Temporary lapses as your brain adapts to new energies. Forgetting words to express yourself. It's indicating your brain is facing different realms & it has to adjust to energy flow & info coming in.


  1. Loss of Identity - Feeling disconnected from your previous self, questioning old beliefs. Looking at yourself in the mirror & looks like it's someone else staring back. It's due to your stronger attachment to your Higher Self & you no longer associate with your human ID as much as before


  1. Out-of-Body Phenomena - Hearing and seeing things beyond the physical realm. Eg tinnitus, light flickering from corner of your eyes due to your perception widens from your normal 3D, tuning into the senses during meditation, or randomly


  1. Feeling of Alienation - Yearning for a place that feels like home, aligning with higher vibrations. Eg looking at the stars. Due to your alignments are now to your Higher Self & want to know more, social interactions are no longer fulfilling, preferring more time in nature, by yourself, as part of your transition.





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