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Why have Akashic Record Reading

08 June 2024



Why have Akashic Record Readings?


If you are feeling confused, chaotic, frustrated at the world or experiencing unexplained ailments, then consider doing an Akashic Record Reading to understand what's really happening for you. I have been working with Akashic Records for over 10 years.


When I am doing a reading, not only do I see into your past lives, but connect to your Soul level to receive messages for you. Your past lives help you to understand your current situation, whether it involves relationships, finance, work, health or other issues you're facing at the moment.


Most, if not all issues you face are repeated lessons which you have not completely finished in your past live so you relive this over until you get it resolved. Often they are with the same type of people you shared in previous lifetimes.


Knowing this will help you to resolve issues, clear it from your records so you no longer need to repeat that issue again. Yes, it can be CLEARED with the new consciousness shift! This is what the Akashic Record can do, that is, find the life times involved, then you have the option to clear it if you want to. Some people are happy just knowing answers and doesn't want clearing, but the choice is yours. Then you sit back and watch the people around you change or circumstances changes.


This is a massive emotional clearing plus aha moment on a huge scale!


If you want an experience of a reading, feel free to contact me via the Contact Page


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